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Life as a Guest at Harv's Paradise RV Park

Imagine driving back home to your RV after a long day toiling at the plant or after an all-day fishing excursion in Matagorda Bay. Your trip takes only minutes on uncrowded highways and soon you are back ‘home’ for the evening. As you round the last lazy corner in the road, you see it...Harv’s Paradise RV Oasis on the River.

You wave hello to your neighbor across the way as you pull into your spacious RV space and step out of the truck. The delicious smell of meat grilling immediately gets your taste buds working as it’s been a long time since lunch and you’re starving. Another one of your neighbors has fired up his grill and is enjoying a cold one as he relaxes in his lawn chair and watches the steak sizzle.

He waves you over and tosses a cold beer over to you before you even get a chance to say “Howdy!”

“Boy, that sure smells good”, you think to yourself as you pop the lid and take a long, slow sip of suds. You remember that you have a nice slab of meat in the fridge that you been putting off grilling for the last couple of days.

“Got room on that grill for one more?” you ask.

Your neighbor just grins and says “You bet...go grab it and get it on here!”

As you and your neighbor enjoy the cookout and company, another one of your neighbors stops by on the way to the laundry room. “Hey guys, looks like you all are enjoying life this evening”, she jokes as she walks by. You both wave hello and exchange a little small talk as she continues on her way. No time to sit out and chat though, she’s needing to hurry up and get those clothes clean before work the next day.

Soon after, almost too soon, the moon has peaked his head out, the steaks are gone, and you’re starting to feel the heaviness of your muscles the long work day has provided. Both of you decide to call it a night. You glance down to the river and notice the moonlight dancing on the water’s surface as you stroll back to your RV.

“It sure would be a good evening to do a little fishing”, you think to yourself as you step into your trailer. The fish are going to have to wait for another day, you’ve got work tomorrow.

To learn more about Harv’s Paradise RV Park, visit our website at:

Or call Brian Weakley at 979-422-7851

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